CalcBot has a few settings you can change to customize its behavior. This page will describe those settings and how to change them.

c-calculate input

CalcBot, by default, uses a period / dot (.) as the decimal separator. There are, of course, many other countries who use a comma (,) as the decimal separator.
You can change the symbol used to separate decimals with the command, c-settings calcin <mode>, where <mode> can be one of two options:
  • dec (default) - Decimal numbers are represented with a period / dot (.); function parameters are separated by commas (,)
  • com - Decimal numbers are represented with a comma (,); function parameters are separated by periods / dots (.)
Note, that by changing the way decimal numbers are represented, you also will change the way function parameters, e.g. log(8, 2), are distinguished.

c-calculate output

CalcBot will automatically format results from c-calculate in decimal, scientific, and imaginary notation.
You can change how results should be formatted with the command, c-settings calcout <mode>, with these possible modes:
  • auto (default) - Displays all numbers as decimals, switching to scientific / imaginary notation as needed
  • scin - Displays all numbers in scientific notation
  • frac - Displays all numbers as fractions
  • word - Displays all numbers in word form

c-recollect date localization

The c-recollect commands allow you to collect previously deleted / edited messages. Running these commands (c-recollect deleted / c-recollect edited) will display the date of when the message was deleted / edited, by default, in English as used in the USA.
You can change the format of these dates by setting your locale with c-settings locale <locale>. The simplest of the many possible locales would be <language code>-<region code>. For example, en-US is a valid locale, and this represents the English language as used in the USA. Here are examples of valid locales and links to find your specific locale:

c-clock and c-remind at functionality

The c-clock and c-remind at commands depend on your time zone. It is impossible to detect your time zone directly through Discord, so you'll need to set your time zone manually with c-settings timezone <offset>. The value of <offset> should be the time in hours your time zone is displaced from UTC time. You can find the UTC offset of your current time zone with a quick Google search.
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c-clock and c-remind at functionality